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Saynice was founded in 2020 and is managed by a group of coffee enthusiasts. Its members include coffee-planting agronomists, coffee roasters, coffee competition judges, etc. Since its establishment, the team has planned to build its own factory, explored excellent coffee estates around the world, selected high-quality coffee beans from around the world, and actively cooperated with well-known artists and baristas to create interesting and diversified coffee products.
In 2007, three science enthusiasts founded Robotime, initially producing wooden dinosaur models. Overcoming early market hesitation, their perseverance led to the birth of two distinct sub-brands: ROKR and Rolife.
GravaStar represents a compelling intersection of the futuristic, cyberpunk realm and state-of-the-art sound technology. Born from a dream of melding mecha, metal, and technology, GravaStar has become synonymous with cutting-edge design.

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Desire's Delight
Desire's Delight, launched in December 2023, creates strategy games to enrich relationships and communication through bold and engaging flying chess experiences. We offer a softer, smoother experience, inviting couples and party participants of all orientations and preferences to explore new dimensions of interpersonal relationships. Join us for an unforgettable adventure filled with bold interactions, intimacy, and love, where every moment is brimming with connection.
Nox Action
Nox Action, established in 2022, is a lifestyle brand that intertwines narrative storytelling with experimental materials to explore the variety of life scenarios. Candle designs inspired from the iridescent faux fur seen in fashion, where the shimmering candlelight and the fluffy textures create a symphony of shadows and light, blending dreams with reality to transform every moment into a flowing feast. Nox Action stands as a symbol of gentleness, inviting you to embark on a sensory journey. Along this journey, each fragrance you encounter is a repository of your stories, resonating souls, and unexpected splendors.
Cottee is a scent-driven lifestyle brand, inspired by the aromatic allure of café. Born from a place of curiosity, Cottee captures the often-overlooked yet genuinely captivating scents and objects from everyday scenes. Through the fragranced products and daily essentials, they aim to rekindle and celebrate the cherished moments and nuances of life.
SEEyAZhh is a unique interpretation of the word "sillage" from the French language. At its core, "sillage" describes the subtle and lingering scent that remains after something has passed. When translated, SEEyAZhh encapsulates this concept by signifying the faint scent of something left behind.
Meow Bloom
Meow Bloom is a contemporary designer furniture brand from China, focusing on the physical interaction and emotional flow between furniture and users. We explore personalized expressions of living that please the body and mind, infusing the home with joyful energy. We believe that inner joy starts with happy living.
AUGE Light
AUGE as a global creative leading design lighting brand, advocating the use of cutting-edge technology to change the traditional lamps. AU stands for gold, GE stands for GENERATION, represents the endless iteration of innovation.
Enki Home
Founded in 2004, Enki Home emerged from a simple gift—a lamp designed by the founder for friends. Since then, they've grown globally, emphasizing original, high-quality design with a focus on the unique beauty of wood. Their philosophy centers on meaningful, user-centric design and a belief in design's transformative power. Enki Home aims to enrich the future and bring smiles to their customers.
Astroport envisions transforming everyday living spaces with products that encapsulate the harmony between color and routine. We aim to create environments that resonate with both comfort and vitality, building bridges between the ordinary and the imaginative. At the heart of our designs are original illustrations that paint a vibrant, imaginative world, making life's every corner feel like an artistic exploration.
Established in 2014, Trozk Technology specializes in developing and designing intelligent technology and consumer products. With a dedicated team of original designers, they seamlessly merge futuristic technology with home appliances.
Since its launch in 2004, Keysme has defined itself as a luminary in the gaming industry. Born out of a passion for redefining gaming experiences, the brand seamlessly bridges the digital realm with reality. Their vision, marked by a fusion of individuality and cutting-edge customization, led to the creation of their flagship product: the Lunar 01. Embracing the mantra, "The Key Is Me", Keysme honors each gamer's uniqueness, challenging the status quo and setting a new benchmark for gaming and lifestyle brands.
Easygood, established in 2016, is a pioneering home decor brand that specializes in original design, dedicated to crafting a sense of ritual in everyday life. The brand meticulously selects premium materials for its designs, skillfully blending vintage styles with modern aesthetics to create a unique artistic sense that embodies classic allure while resonating with contemporary culture. The brand firmly believes that thoughtful design can lead to a simple yet beautiful lifestyle, committed to blending functionality with aesthetics. Explore more to add charm and elegance to your home!
Zimmo Free
Zimmo Free, established in 2022 in Hong Kong, China, is a pioneering technology brand that enhances everyday life through innovative solutions. With a deep commitment to addressing real consumer needs, Zimmo Free leads its production and design processes by these demands. In the wearable device sector, it continually drives innovation, creating products that combine creativity, fun, portability, and aesthetic appeal. The brand consistently transforms bold ideas into tangible, comfortable products. Through ongoing innovation and design, they prioritize your health and strive to enhance your life. Enhance your health and well-being with Zimmo Free.
OUTASK is a brand that focused on outdoor lighting, providing integrated solutions for camping, vehicles, and outdoor illumination. Designed with user needs and various scenarios, Outask aims to make outdoor activities more convenient and enjoyable. The brand prioritizes functionality and user experience, providing quality service and products to enhance every outdoor adventure. Choose Outask for a brighter and more enjoyable outdoor experience.
PPKP, a pet building block bowl brand established in 2022, derives its name from the initials of the founder's beloved cats, symbolizing a deep affection for pets. More than just a brand, PPKP is a heartfelt expression of the founder's boundless love for animals. By observing pets' habits and focusing on their daily needs and preferences, PPKP designs meticulously crafted products to enhance every pet's mealtime with fun and comfort.
Established in 2020, Arcus.cub pioneers an experimental lifestyle, creating timeless products that blend artistry with functionality, focusing on pet supplies. It leverages lines, shapes, and colors to craft stylish and functional minimalist pet products that seamlessly integrate into any home decor, enhancing overall design while ensuring practical use. Through thoughtful design and artistic integration, the brand aims to make pets' lives more vibrant and meaningful, ensuring a high-quality living experience for both pets and their families.